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Kick Off a New Start for Your Debt Free Goals
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While I may have missed the New Year energy, I still think a fresh new Kick Off or Restart to your debt free journey is always timely. Paying off debt can be a less than perfect experience from start to finish. As long as you’re ready to begin, today is a perfect time to get started.

We took our sweet time – seven years to pay off $107,000 ain’t exactly setting records. However, it’s done and we can move on to more interesting challenges in life.

For example, redesigning this website.

If you’re a regularly reader, you’ll might notice that the redesign looks eerily like the same old site. That’s because it’s not finished yet! At least not if you’re reading this before we flipped the switches.


This project, which literally could have taken me a week (now that the heavy lifting is done), has stretched out over an embarrassing number of months. Whether I note the physical delay of recovering from surgery or the mental delays of just not being motivated, the result is the same.

I was in need of a restart!

Dumping debt looks like my redesign project sometimes. You know being debt free is the goal. Sometimes – it’s just complicated.

You’re invited to either kick off your debt free journey or dust it off with a restart.


There’s that one thing that needs doing. The item that’s on your to-do list, but never seems to get done. That item maybe causing your more problems than it’s worth. This idea of gating was explained to me that outstanding items take up mental energy and divert our attention and focus from getting to the good stuff.

This website redesign was that item stuck in my craw. What’s holding your back or taking up mental energy? Do you need to:

  • Clean your house?
  • Removing toxic or unproductive relationships from your life?
  • Finish your taxes and then you have room in your brain to focus on other matters?

Identify that item and then focus like a laser to remove it from your plate.

Sometimes the smallest things can present the largest obstacle to progress. The idea here is start with a clean slate. Tackle that one of those few small projects that are taking up space in your head in order to focus on kicking off or restarting your debt free journey.

Drop the Distractions

Distractions aren’t always horrible things, but spinning your wheels doesn’t produce any forward progress. That’s what we want. Progress.

Seek Help

The redesign didn’t start moving until I reached out for help. Maybe talking about it with someone other than myself was a source of motivation. I also received feedback which helped me clarify the direction I needed to take.

Trying to do everything adds to the overwhelm. We have to use our resources wisely. There’s only so much time in the day. Trying to figure everything out on our own can be time consuming.

Working with a trusted partner also introduces an element of accountability. That positive peer pressure can be a powerful source of motivation. I talk more about how accountability can be leverage to aid in becoming debt free in my book, The Great Debt Dump.

I’m a huge fan of DIY. However, professional assistance is always an option. Find a non-profit credit counselor and look for one that offers a complimentary initial consultation through the National Foundation of Credit Counselors.

If nothing else, sign up for a complimentary consultation and we can offer an objective review and helpful advice for your situation.

Adopt a Muse

I’ve talked about the process we used to pay off $107,000 in consumer debt. Debt snowball anyone?

I learned everything I could about personal finance. You don’t know what you don’t know.

I began listening to positive forms of encouragement. We really have to balance out all the crappy stuff we take in. What type of music are you listening to? What programs are you watching on television? Movies?

Are you internalizing messages that encourage unwise spending or living in excess?

These are just a few ideas that can help you restart or kick off your debt free journey. Remember, debt freedom is a marathon and everyone’s journey will be unique. Restart as many times as is necessary to accomplish your debt free goals.

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