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Debt Free in 24 Hours
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Aja McClanahan has been a guest on the Midday Money Show sharing her family’s unique approach to achieving 100% debt freedom (including a paid for home). She shared how living in the ‘hood saved their finances.

Well she was back to discuss her new book, Debt Free in 24 Hours.

24 hours? I know you’re wondering if this is a gimmick. What quirky program is she hawking?

Actually it’s none of the above. Aja is a rather insightful debt free advocate who shares what she knows…because she’s been there. Her commitment to debt freedom is real, unapologetic, and inspiring.

Do you need a little encouragement to keep focused? How about a push to jump start your debt free journey? Aja McClanahan will light that spark to keep your debt free juices flowing.

I enjoyed this conversation about the mindset change that’s required to make debt freedom a reality. Tune in and be inspired.



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