Dance Off $103,000 of Student Loan Debt

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Dance Off $103,000 of Student Loan Debt
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Let’s be clear. Tim Otis and his wife didn’t dance the debt away. They buckled down, got serious, and worked their keisters off to dump $103,000 in student loan debt.

The dancing came after!

I first learned of Tim’s story after reading his riveting (yes, paying off debt is exciting) tale of decisions, sacrifices, and lessons learned from a friend on LinkedIn. Maybe I need to spend more time on LinkedIn – I’ve been missing out.

Thankfully, he was down to talk about dancing off debt on this episode of the Midday Money Show. We had a great discussion on how the Otis clan accomplished their goal including tips on how you can too!

 Pay of Student Loans for Debt Free Living

Have you considered why student loans are billed as good debt?

How old will you be when done with student debt if you only pay the minimum payments?

Are money fights causing a rift in your relationship?

We covered these topics and more in this candid peak behind the scenes of a couple who decided they no longer wanted to be enslaved to paying off debt. I appreciate Tim’s willingness to open up about the tough experiences. Since there’s dancing involved – we know it ends on a great note!

“Why are we so okay with debt?” ~ Tim Otis




Show Notes and Resources

  • Read Tim’s story for more on the strategies used to dump $103,000 of debt.
  • Avoid being Enslaved by Lifestyle Inflation until you pay off student loans (or any debt for that matter).
  • Enjoy the moves of a couple that have paid off 6 figures in student loan debt! Happy!

Student Loans for Debt Free Living

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