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Coupon Savings Tips with Extreme Coupon Experts
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This is an oldie, but goodie. Popular guests from TLC’s Extreme Couponing – The Double Saving Divas –  shared their coupon savings tips. These identical twins are former investment bankers who decided to turn their know how into saving savings tips on YouTube.

While their site is currently under construction, you can still enjoy their Youtube videos or find Tai in her recent endeavor, His and Her Money.

She’s still doling out great money saving and money management tips with her new partner – her hubby!

Coupons are not for everyone. However, everyone should at least give the savings a try. You never know.

If you’re a coupon klutz like I am, this is episode offers a ton of great tips to get started and minimize the overwhelm of your budding coupon experience.

Coupon Savings Tips


Change Your Mindset

Are you embarrassed to walk into a store with a coupon?

The sisters want us to look at coupons as money in the form of paper given out by manufacturers. You wouldn’t walk over a $5 bill. It’s time to look at coupons as FREE money – because it is.

They also opened my eyes to the potential for coupons.

The Double Saving Divas save up to $10,000 a year using coupons. We’re not talking $0.20 cents on granola bars folks!


Their Coupon Savings Tips

Successful people often devise a plan to attack a problem and then rinse and repeat. They figure out what works and then stick with it.

These savvy saving twins shared their process for working with coupons. To get started, remember:

  • Inventory Your House. There’s no reason to purchase what you already have.
  • Plan Your Spending. Whether grocery shopping, planning for a baby, or hosting your wedding; decide what you want or need before browsing the stores.
  • Find Savings First. With your plan in hand, find a way to save for it. Search online for deals and cost compare. Google related coupons. Scour your Sunday papers for savings.


Accountability Partner

Wow! Years before I penned my book, The Great Debt Dump: Running Toward Financial Freedom with the Power of Community, we were talking about the benefit of accountability partners in your financial lives.

If we don’t have a twin sister, my book goes into practical advice on how to set up your accountability support system for success.


Topics Discussed

The Double Savings Divas are not be actively creating new content now. However, they left a valuable Youtube channel with a treasure trove of tips of advice with coupon savings tips. I enjoyed chatting with the ladies. Whether you’re a beginner or have coupon skills, there are great tips to pick up in this rebroadcast of the Midday Money Show.

  • Simple organization tips to make sure you don’t have expired coupons.
  • Where to find the best coupons.
  • How they save 30% or more on regular shopping trips.
  • How they flew a family of 7 to Disney for FREE!
  • Leverage the seasonal patterns with coupons.
  • Tai and Tarin’s tips for getting started with coupons.
  • Mobile coupon apps


Resources Mentioned in This Episode


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