A Plea for Reason this Season

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A Plea for Reason this Season
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I know we haven’t yet turned the corner on Halloween, but Christmas is just under 90 days away. Have you started Christmas shopping yet? Probably not, but have you started Christmas saving?

According to the American Consumer Credit Council, the average American spends over $900 on the holiday festivities. That’s nothing to sneeze at; especially if part or all of that holiday loot finds its way to a credit card near you.

The Debt Free Divas are reviving our annual call to pay cash for Christmas. This time of year shouldn’t catch us by surprise. I realize the weather may be unseasonably warm for some, but it is still October.


  • Take a look at your expenses from last year.
  • Use that total to create a budget for this season.
  • Divide that total into equal payments and save that amount from now until you hang up your Christmas shopping snow boots!

As always, remember, Christmas shopping is NOT AN EMERGENCY! Raiding the mad money fund for toys, tools, or trinkets topped with tidlywinks is expressly forbidden. Your future debt-free-self will thank you. 


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