Celebrating While Dumping Debt

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Celebrating While Dumping Debt
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Let’s be clear. This post is for those who are serious about dumping debt. How do you celebrate and honor special occasions while digging out of a mountain of debt? YOU DON’T! You’re in debt. You want to get out. Aside from a long, lost wealthy relative making your day or winning the lottery – at which I openly scoff (and I don’t often scoff openly); you have to pay the price. Getting out of debt will cost you some discomfort, some sacrifice, and some missed celebratory opportunities.

Now for a little clarification. You don’t spend money to celebrate and honor special occasions. Justifications to spend money that should be used to dump debt are a dime a half-dozen. Those justifications are likely why you have debt problems now. Yes, the goal is to eliminate debt. However, you also want to modify those behaviors that led to debt or the problem isn’t gone, it’s just on vacation.

 When you hear yourself start a sentence with “It’s only…”, please hear me say, “YOU DON’T!” You don’t dig out of debt while maintaining poor spending habits. You don’t change a family’s financial future by being irresponsible with money. You don’t clean up and stay out of debt by giving in to justifications to behave badly. You don’t pass on good fiscal habits to children when you buy things you can’t afford. You don’t dump debt while celebrating special occasions when you don’t have any money. YOU DON’T DO THAT! If you do, then you’re not serious about getting out of debt and nothing we say will help.

What you do is:

  • Remember, this temporary sacrifice will result in a better financial future.
  • Recognize that your spending habits must change in order to be successful.
  • Realize that you can celebrate, live life, and be happy without spending money. Be creative and enjoy the simpler things in life: family, friends, the great outdoors and a public library. (Okay, that last one is my thing!)
  • Reach for your goals. You’ll get there; just don’t give in or give up!
  • Realign your value. Do things purchased with credit really improve life? I’m sure what you value most can’t be found in a store.

Since you are serious about dumping debt, make sure you join our MISSION POSSIBLE project. It’s FREE, but it isn’t cheap. This is going to cost you some time, a whole lot of effort, and an uncomfortable evaluation of what you once found normal. Debt freedom is definitely POSSIBLE.

What ways have you celebrated life’s special occasions without spending your debt elimination money?




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