Budget Challenge – Week 2

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Budget Challenge – Week 2
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This week will begin the nuts and bolts of putting together the monthly budget. This step-by-step process is designed to help you ease into budgeting. If you’ve tried and been discouraged in the past, this visual guide can give you a new perspective. Jeff Ehrlich, co-founder of the Debt Free Squad, shared that a budget allowed his family to redirect $3000/month towards destroying debt. You may not find those exact numbers, but any extra money will accelerate your debt freedom arrival date! Let’s begin the budget.

This week’s challenge:

  1. Watch video #2.
  2. Track all of your income and expenses.
  3. Make this a NO CREDIT CARD Week. Take them out of your wallet and leave them at home.

Are you in this week?

Did you miss the introduction video? Go on to Week 3.


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