Budget Challenge Finish Line

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Budget Challenge Finish Line
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Do you dream of being debt free? Coach Jeff of the Debt Free Squad brings the motivational heat with this final video. This is the final week of the 30 Day Budget Challenge. You’ve reached the finish line, but the work is just getting started. The lessons learned over the last month need to be applied regularly going forward. The more practice you have, the more comfortable you’ll be with operating on a monthly budget. Keep your dream alive and you’ll cross the debt free finish line for sure.

Remember, you’ll need:

  • A Mad Money Fund of $1000
  • A monthly budget
  • To be ready to stretch, cut back, and sacrifice
  • To free up extra cash or increase your income
  • To stop borrowing

 This journey is very doable. If you’ve finished this month’s challenge, you are well on your way.



Chime in. Let us know how the challenge has helped this month.




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