I Broke Up with $81,000 in Student Loan Debt

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I Broke Up with $81,000 in Student Loan Debt
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September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.

Why the cheery topic? Because debt and money-related stress is no joke. Ask my guest on the podcast this week. Melanie Lockert is a writer and an event planner who runs DearDebt.com. She’s flying high these days with her brand new book, Dear Debt. But, life wasn’t always so rosy.

At one point, she struggled with depression and feelings of failure. After graduating with a Master’s degree from NYU, Melanie could not find full-time work to support herself – let alone pay back her massive student loan debt.

Even after relocating, employment prospects remained dismal.

Melanie was down. But, she didn’t stay that way.

She took action. She began to hustle her way out of despair, depression, and ultimately debt.

Now she provides a platform for other people to initiate their break from debt by publishing a “Dear Debt” letter. Some have found her site by googling, “I want to kill myself because of debt.”

That’s why I’m sharing the campaign sponsored by NAMI, The National Association for Mental Illness.

If your debt (or anything for that matter) has you entertaining such options, please reach out. Get help. Let someone know. Anyone. After I lost my daughter, you can believe that suicidal thoughts were constantly swirling in my head. I thank God today as I sit here with my baby girl coloring beside me that I didn’t stay closed up in my mind with those harmful messages.

You may need to be encouraged. You may need another outlet for the unproductive energy. Start by listening to Melanie’s story. Remember, you don’t have to face debt alone.


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Topics Covered on this Episode

  • Melanie’s side hustle experience that helped her dump debt and turned into a new career.
  • Her tips for facing emotional stress due to debt.
  • How she become a brand ambassador.
  • Why she started DearDebt.com and how that blog blossomed into new opportunities.
  • How she earned a publishing contract for her first book.


“To be able to create your own opportunities is immensely rewarding.” ~Melanie Lockert


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