How Breadwinner Moms Can Be Smarter with Money

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How Breadwinner Moms Can Be Smarter with Money
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Breadwinner moms are leading up 40% of households in the United States  – a trend that’s on the rise. Those are the latest numbers according to a Pew Research Center report.

You fit the breadwinner moms category if you are either a single mother (63% of that bunch) or earn more than your hubby.

Women are making up to 80% of the purchasing decisions for households. That’s a lot of power; and with great power comes great responsibility.

Breadwinner moms smarter with money

I invited Jackie Cummings-Koski, an author and Certified Educator in Personal Finance, on the Midday Money Show. She’s a superstar single mom who contributed to my article on strategies single moms can use to dump debt. Jackie graciously allowed me to pick her brain on how breadwinner moms, single moms, stay-at-home moms, or even moms in training can approach improving their financial literacy.

We didn’t all hit the parents-with-financial-literacy lottery. However, there’s nothing stopping you from improving your know-how moving forward. As parents, sisters, aunts, or mentors; we are all passing on personal finance skills and mindsets to the next generation.

Those lessons can be productive or not so much.  Why not improve our know how and help next generation avoid making similar mistakes. What personal finance legacy are you leaving?

Jackie took very strategic steps and she’s sharing them with us on this latest episode.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • Personal finance principles parents can share regardless of income level
  • Jackie’s strategy to share strong financial principles to a less than receptive teen
  • Standing your ground on financial matters with children as a single parent
  • Helping your children develop skills to make good financial decisions
  • Suggestions for improving your financial literacy

“There’s a lot of online resources to read or educate yourself, but most importantly it’s the action that we take.” ~Jackie Cummings-Koski
“Try to surround yourself with people you can learn from.” ~Jackie Cummings-Koski


Resources Mentioned in this Episode

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