Back on Track – 2021 Goals

Back on Track – 2021 Goals
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It’s been a while since I last posted to my site. December of 2018 to be exact.

How have you been?

Me? I’m glad you asked. Let’s see…

  • Dipped my toe in the flipping house arena. Found out flipping wasn’t for me. Buuuuuut, “renovating for rental” is my sweet spot. More details coming.
  • Took a job as a Financial Coach as a favor to a friend and it became all-consuming. Turns out, I’m not superwoman and can’t do it all. That job ended in 2020.
  • Bought another house as an investment opportunity which also saved the homeowner from losing the house to taxes. Two years later, he passed away from Covid19.
  • Covid19 interrupted EVERYBODY’S plans.
  • Started seeing a therapist. I’m not a superwoman. Praise God, I’m walking away from a near mental break with the help of these virtual sessions.
  • Finished the new website! You might (or maybe not) have noticed, we’re now (instead of .org); a long-time “wish list” item.
  • Renewed focus on nurturing your goals to dump debt! That’s what this community is all about.
  • Learned of a work-from-home option that should really help some in the Debt Free Divas’ community to dump debt faster.

Yes. There’s a lot in that list and that’s just a summary.

I’ll be sharing the details of all that and more because it relates directly to the point of why dumping debt is such an amazing goal.

Speaking of goals? Have you sketched out your goals for the year? Do you like vision boards? I’m all for anything that helps you stay focused on big goals and is a reminder of what you’ve accomplished.

I found this vision board created in 2014. I’m not crafty, and my physical boards have probably made their way to landfills by now, but this one endures.

Vision Board
2014 Digital Vision Board

Plenty of items are still ongoing goals:

  • Making worships a priority and lifestyle
  • Fitness and healthy eating
  • Paying my house(s) off

But I love that there are items on here that I’m making real progress on:

  • Growing a real estate investment portfolio
  • Increasing our savings
  • Eliminated consumer debt (All $107,000 worth!!!)
  • Written and published a book! The Great Debt Dump
  • Incorporating regular giving into our financial habits.
  • Of course, travel. We took our 1st RV camping trip last year. Corona has only changed up our approach. We still love a good family get-a-way.

I need to modify this a tad, but it still represents the direction my life has been moving; slowly, but surely.


Goals Are Great!

It’s good to talk about goals mid-way into January because statistics say that 2/3 of people forget about New Year’s resolutions after the first week of January.

This way, we know it’s not just New Year’s hype. Setting goals is a good thing. Achieving goals – even better. Getting them down on paper – that’s the secret sauce.

This year, I took a great suggestion from a virtual pal to prettify my goals. I used Canva (a free, graphics editing tool) to create my goals. I’m a list girl, but a splash of color works too.

2021 Goals

Your Turn. Write Out Your Goals for 2021.

This has been a heckuva past 10 months. We’ve all been impacted in some way, shape. or form.

However, I still wrote out personal wins or accomplishments from 2020. It’s a great way to keep life in perspective. Try it.

After that, I just wrote down everything I could even think to dream about doing. A Wanderlust list. This might help you create that digital vision board.

Finally, I focused on 2021 goals and a Qtr I to-do list.

If paying off debt is on your Qtr 1 to-do list and making more money would help, check out this work-from-home solution that can help you reach your financial goals faster. Working at Mercy Housing (as the Financial Coach) I ran across this virtual contractor solution that I think would help #teamdebtfree!

Write out your goals. 2021 is upon us. Let’s get back on track together!

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