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5 Surefire Ways to Finish Strong
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Can you believe ¾ of 2014 is already behind us? Where has the time gone? Thinking back, my year involved a number of major life changing events. We welcomed a new addition to the clan. More people required more space and a short sale warmed its way into our hearts. We journeyed to Hawaii and seriously considered relocating (well maybe not we). Not all events were joy-filled. The family business of 10 years – our Laundromat – came to an abrupt end which promises to present beneficial lessons one would rather avoid. More on that soon.


This year is winding down and we’re beginning to think about holiday plans, but we can still finish on a high note. Use the remaining 3 months to check off as many boxes as possible. To finish strong, I want you to do the following this weekend:

1.       Review Your Goals. I’ve been keeping goals in a journal since 2008 which is nice so I can review and compare. It’s nice to have a tangible reminder of the progress we’re making as a family. Reviewing your goals helps you adjust if life’s pop up challenges have pulled you slightly off course.

2.       Reconnect With Your Support System. Right now, we’re running a Power of Community experiment because I am convinced that accountability should be an integral part of any debt free journey.  Some can do this alone. The rest of us need a communal effort to remain focused and motivated.

3.       Release Any Frustration With Unmet Goals. I am the master of transitioning goals forward. We craft our plan and then life happens. Getting out of debt was not a straight forward motion in our experience. We took 7 years of starts, restarts, and detours. As long as you don’t give up, you can still reach your destination!

4.       Re-evaluate Activities. Where are you spending the most time? We can unintentionally drift into a hectic, over-scheduled existence. Make the adjustment necessary to focus your time more effectively.

5.       Remember Your Purpose. Keep your eye on the prize.

Share one goal that you hope to accomplish before the year’s end below.


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