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Advice to My Younger Self
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This post was originally posted in 2012. I’m doing the math and recognizing that a lot has change – even now. I could add to this list in droves. The point is, reflecting on past progress helps motivate you to continue to work towards current goals.

What advice would you give to yourself three years ago?

Three years ago I was expecting my first child, in the middle of a major debt freedom journey, at home collecting unemployment and reading everything on personal finance I could find. Three years ago seems like an eternity now. The Debt Free Divas was in idea mode. There were a lot of balls in the air.

Advice to Younger Self

I’ve posed this question to several people. Eyes invariably roll upward; simple, yet profound. Not because we haven’t learned anything. Three years is long enough to have seen movement, but not so long as to seem life altering. We are forced to inspect incremental growth…and that’s tough. The question doesn’t ask for 20 years of life experience for my 16-year-old self. I’m not chewing the fat with the 20-something me. Three years ago I’m still relatively me. Right? So here goes…

In three years, I’ve experienced the loss of a daughter after 23 weeks pregnant. I’ve been through job loss. I’ve lived through the U.S. presidency of the first African American (as have all of you). I winded down the repayment of over $100,000 in consumer debt and launched the Debt Free Divas to encourage others in their debt free dreams.

Three years younger self, hold on – this is going to be a bumpy ride.

Continue to love learning, forgive faster, and tell everyone who will listen, debt free is a great place to be!

What advice would you share…with you?

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