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The Debt Free Divas invite you to pursue debt free living within a community of like-minded debt dumpers. You are not alone!

The Debt Free Divas is the brain child of three contemporaries who observed a gap in the great personal finance information available and its reach and appeal to cosmopolitan urbanites. We all have access to an enormous amount of financial literacy information – but 76% of Americans are still living paycheck to paycheck.

We aim to change that.

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Using a mix of online tools and offline, in-person events the Debt Free Divas are working hard to cultivate a community who supports, encourages, and motivates one another on to shared goals. We’re keeping the personal finance conversation in the forefront to minimize the chance that others suffer in silence, too ashamed to seek financial help in times of need.

The Site Seeks To:

  • Connect you with a community to support your journey out of debt. Join our Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or G+ communities to stay connected.
  • Remind you that debt freedom is possible through our Midday Money Show podcast. We talk to those who’ve been where you are as they share how they succeeded.
  • Be a source of information and information to help improve your Financial IQ. When you know better, you can do better.
  • [Coming soon] Show you how to do debt freedom, through our YouTube channel [Subscribe now and stay in the loop]
  • Provide a pathway out of debt and position you to build wealth.

Who We Are


Hi! I’m Toni Husbands, one of the co-founders of the Debt Free Divas and the principal content contributor here at DebtFreeDivas.org. My husband and I paid off $107,000 of consumer debt (that does not include a mortgage….geez!) over seven years.

In that time, we’ve added three wonderful children (1 is waiting for us is Heaven) to the family which offers plenty of good fodder for the blog. I love the Lord, Christ Jesus and His Daddy; traveling or listening to the travel tales from friends; and finding budget-friendly ways to enjoy life with my family. I also love a good joke – can’t you tell!

As the principal content creator for the site, I write about topics of interest to those seeking debt freedom. I write from personal experience. Our journey kicked into gear after reading The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey and then inundating myself with everything I could read, watch, or listen to concerning personal finances.

Interestingly enough, I didn’t read many personal blogs during this time. I was (and still am) an old-school book lover and spent a hefty amount of time tucked away at the library.

I would skip the computer search and just peruse the personal finance sections like a kid in a candy store. You find amazing stories when you’re open to everything. That constant stimulation kept me going. It wasn’t until years later that I read a fascinating statistic in The Millionaire Next Door – the average millionaire reads 1 nonfiction book a month. I was on to something good!

Near the end of that journey, three ladies envisioned a community to provide the constant support and encouragement that helped me stay focused. Since 2010, the Debt Free Divas has sought to provide that support for #teamdebtfree.

The Future is Promising

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