A Raise in 21 Days Final Wrap Up

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A Raise in 21 Days Final Wrap Up
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Our campaign has ended. We are out of days, but the hard work is just beginning. Check out the final week’s recap. Keep reading to find out how you can enter to win the Debt Free Diva’s GRAND PRIZE.

Day 14: Reconsidering Re-gifting

Short on cash but long on gift giving obligations (like that graduation invite from your 3rd cousin twice removed on your great uncle’s side)? Never fear, re-gifting is here! Now before you call Miss Manners, consider this: in a recent survey, 75% admitted to lying about liking a gift they’d received and more than 60% actually got rid of the gift!!

Day 15: Justify Your Gym Membership
67% of people with fitness club memberships DO NOT USE THEM. Maintaining proper physical health is important. Paying an average of $55/month for something rarely used is not. If your membership card is collecting dust, consider alternatives (exercise tapes, running clubs, or even a brisk 30 minute walk 3 times per week).

Day 16: Clarify Your Vision
Don’t loose sight of your vision. Put your dreams in front of you. Try making a vision board. TD Jakes said, “If you see what I see, you can have what I have…it’s not that I’m endowed with more than you, my power is in what I see”.

Day 17: Increase Your Income
Cutbacks are fantastic. However, supplementing your income is a *fantabulous* way to *Give Yourself a Raise in 21 Days*. Apply for that promotion. Accept extra responsibility that will pad your resume. Seek a part-time job. Teach classes online. Rent out a spare room. Charge to babysit the grands! Do you have a unique skill that can be packaged and resold? Start a gig on www.fiverr.com.

Day 18: Clip Those Coupons
While not for everyone, coupons can conserve a considerable amount of cash. The Double Saving Divas encouraged us to plan our shopping trips, organize coupons in a filing system, and work with a buddy to get the best bang for your buck. You can even install apps that link loyalty cards to coupons which saves time, trees, and money.

Day 19: Find Frugal Fun Options
Opt for a game night in vs. out on the town. Plan a birthday pot luck over dinner at a restaurant. Attend plays, concerts, or other events hosted by local colleges or churches. Stream movies at home using sites like www.crackle.com. New releases take a while to show up, but a little patience can save you a bundle.

Day 20: Cut Off Cable
The average cable customer pays $120/month. This luxury service is an easy target when looking to save money. Many programs are available online. Google the cords/boxes needed to connect your computer to the television and circumvent the monthly cable fee.

We’d like to thank everyone for participating and choose to believe there is something in these 21 tips that can help you! There is one more chance to win. Win a FREE COACHING SESSION. Leave a comment with which tip(s) you have or will put into practice. One random winner will be chosen from all entries received by 8 PM central today (January 22, 2013).


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