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6 Budget Friendly Winter Fun Tips @ Graceful Little Honey Bee
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It is 18 degrees outside today.

That’s downright unreasonable!

The cold has a tendency to drive us inside for 3 to 4 months of the year. The energy zapping effects of cabin fever can wreak havoc on our financial focus. Even though the sun seems stringy this time of year, we can trick our systems into a brighter state with 6 tips that I spelled out on a guest post for The Graceful Little Honey Bee.


Budget Friendly Debt Free Living


Don’t let the winter sap your spirit. Fun doesn’t have to take the winter off, just adjust and embrace the season!


1. Ice Skating: If you can roller skate, ice skating is a seamless transition. I was surprised by easy balancing on thin metal blades was. Without skates, your only required fee will be skate rentals for many outdoor, public rinks. Bundle up and enjoy the chilly wind in your face.

2. Free Museums: Free or reduced prices are common during the frigid temps to entice warm bodies outdoors. This technique can actually work too well. In Chicago, the Field Museum is offering free days for the entire month of February. I’m told traffic was a jumble for miles in 3 directions (the fourth would be coming from the lake – that’s off limits until May) as patrons took advantage of free and school holiday (President’s Day). So take advantage of free days, but avoid popular days off if you want to skip the crowds.


View the remaining tips on my guest post, 6 Budget Friendly Ways to Enjoy the Winter.

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