5 Ways to Slash a Scary Halloween Budget

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5 Ways to Slash a Scary Halloween Budget
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The National Retail Federation seems excited. They should be. Planned spending for Halloween is expected to break records this year. $7.4 Billion on the October 31st festivities.

Folks, we’re spending (on average):

  • $30 for costumes (including pets)
  • $23 for candy
  • $21 for decorations
  • $4 on greeting cards

Individual items from this list alone won’t raise many eyebrows. If you’re in the group pulling the average up, these figures may not be representative. For those interested in pursuing a debt free lifestyle, this festive time of tricks and treats offers a bevy of opportunities to slash [costs] without scrimping on the fun.

 1.       Discover new-to-you. Costumes are generally of the one-and-done variety. I found a treasure trove of options at my favorite kiddie consignment store. Look at my adorable $6 bumble bee! He didn’t last throughout the program. I bet his sister will be just as cute (in the same one) next year. Swapping costumes also works. You clean out old clutter, give past costumes new life, and save money in the process.

2.       Dance with the group. Instead of bearing the Halloween costs alone, we participated in our church’s Trunk or Treat event. This unintentional cost savings spreads the candy cost across a larger group. Volunteer to man the food or registration table if decorations don’t fit the budget this year.

Photo credit: Tim Cross Photography

3.       Ditch the decorations. If your budget is tight, do without new decorations. That’s an easy choice.

4.       DIY. I’ll admit, creativity is not my spiritual gift. However, even I can pull of some of these thoughtful creations. Mr. Smarty Pants made his Trunk or Treat debut this weekend. Before his mother clarified, I thought his costume was a nerd. Did you catch the “pencil protector”? Super cute!


Crystal from crystalandcomp.com recently previewed a set of super easy ideas created from items around the house and a hot glue gun. Need a little inspiration? Check out this Dallas news clip.

5.       Don’t dress your pets. Enough said.

Hey! If all else fails, you can always just DO YOU! Share your tips to slash costs while enjoying Halloween below.



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