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5 Ways Couples Commit Financial Infidelity  on BMWK
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80% of marriages dissolve due to money fights and/or related troubles. Obtaining financial peace within your relationship should be a priority.

Clear communication and integrity within a marriage are key skills to maintaining a strong union. I would also submit that financial fidelity between couples is essential to achieve marital bliss.

In a nutshell, you may be committing financial infidelity if:

1. You keep financial secrets.

2. You hide money or purchases.

3. You operate as separate units.

4. You violate spending cap agreements.

5. You make significant spending decisions solo.

For a deeper discussion of each point, visit 5 Ways Couples Commit Financial Infidelity, my recent guest post on BMWK, which explores bad habits we pick up (and pass on) when we approach personal finances within a marriage as a solo project and not a team activity. I also proposed practical solutions to fix each problem.

If you find yourself regularly engaging in either behavior, be honest with yourself and then your spouse…IMMEDIATELY. Work with your partner in life to create a plan for your future and hold each other accountable to your shared dreams and goals.

You’re on the same team!


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