5 Things to know about Social Security

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5 Things to know about Social Security
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Sorry guys, the SSA put out this white paper specifically for women. I’ll do some digging to find the related details for our gentlemen readers next. Ladies, these points are interesting. I’ve highlighted a few. To read the full details on the SSA’s website, click here.

1.       As long as you have worked 10 years and earned 40 credits, you are eligible for a Social Security benefit. As of today, once you reach 62, you’re eligible.

2.       There is no limit or penalty (i.e. your benefit is reduced) for married couples. A non-working spouse is only entitled to ½ her husband’s benefit if she never worked outside the home (that sucks!).

3.       If you are due two benefits (your own and a portion of your husband’s), you’ll only get the hire of the two.

4.       Divorcees who were married at least 10 years are eligible for a portion of your ex’s benefit.

5.       When you spouse (or ex) dies, you are eligible for a widow’s benefit.

Just FYI. Something to keep in mind.

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