7 Budget Friendly Ways to Enjoy the Winter

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7 Budget Friendly Ways to Enjoy the Winter
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Winter months can be harsh for certain areas of the country. This winter seems more severe than others in recent memory. Ask the residents of the Northeast as they dig out of 16+ inches of snow.

Cabin fever is real. It can set in after months of hunkering down away from the winter chill. For those working to dump debt, staying cooped up can lead to frugal fatigue and derail your financial progress.

Take advantage of the price break in activities offered to entice consumers out into the elements to recharge your battery. Here are 6 frugal ideas to enjoy the winter on a budget.

Ice Skating

If you can roller skate, ice skating is not that hard. I was actually stunned at how easy it was to balance on a blade. Aside from a little soreness at the ankles, my first time ice skating was a blast. Public parks may offer ice skating for nothing more than a few bucks for the skate rental. Bring your own skates and you save even more. Just bundle up and prepare to have a good time.

Free Museums

This is a treat for those of us who don’t reside in the nation’s capital. For instance, in Chicago – the Field Museum is free for the entire month. Check your town’s website or library for winter deals and pack a lunch to avoid the overpriced concessions.

Make sure you explore the entire building (or at least schedule multiple trips). I found a delightful children’s hands on play area tucked away on the lower level that rivals any children’s museum in the city. We’re looking forward to returning this month.

Snow Fun

Lace up your winter gear, step outside your front door (if you can get out), and have a great time. Make a snowman with the family. Take video of your snow angel attempts for Youtube. If the snow won’t cooperate – as in our case – an old fashion snowball fight is always in order. As you’re moving around, the cold weather won’t seem so bad and your budget will thank you too.


This is actually my favorite part of winter. With a small investment in a sled or cardboard box (for the ultra-frugal among us), you and the family can enjoy hours of fun. Whether your hill occurs naturally or is man-made, sledding is a must do cure for cabin fever.

Public Library

The public library is a treasure trove of educational and cultural activities for all ages. The main library may have more offerings, but you can find everything from story time, to tech lab classes, to book reviews with the authors for adults. Besides my tax dollars and an occasional late fee on books, I’ve enjoyed a variety of enjoyable experiences at the library for no extra cost.

Homemade Hot Cocoa

After all of these frugal, outdoor activities; a steamy cup of cocoa is a perfect way to wrap up a winter fun day. The Busy Budgeter had a great idea for a hot cocoa bar that I borrowed (minus the monogrammed coffee mugs) and loved. It’s simple. It’s inexpensive. It’s a great way to wind down the day with friends and family.

If you need a recipe, Missy has an easy to follow Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate recipe that sounds delicious!


How do you like to enjoy the winter months and fight off cabin fever?

Bio: Toni Husbands is a Financial Coach and co-founder of the Debt Free Divas. She and her husband repaid over $100,000 in consumer debt. They are on a mission to help 1 million families dump debt too. Find additional money saving tips in their free book, Give Yourself a Raise in 21 Days.

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