3 T’s for Alternative Gift Giving

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3 T’s for Alternative Gift Giving
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As the hustle and bustle of gift giving winds down for 2014, I want to share an absolutely fabulous alternative to gift giving inspired by one of my more creative girlfriends. We’ll call her Brown Suga (no r’s please).

Ms. Brown is a budding sewing enthusiast and she offered her newly acquired skill set to a grandmother and her teen girls for a holiday sew-along. I am not blessed with the gift of stitch. However, I do enjoy a good, nontraditional fellowship opportunity. I invited myself and seized upon the opportunity to document the festivities.


For those future sewing enthusiasts, Mimi G has an amazing virtual community that’s complete with tutorials, private Facebook communities, and educational conferences – when virtual just won’t do. MiMi G has helped Brown Suga blossom from someone who wants to sew to organizing teen sewing tutorials.

The afternoon’s agenda (BrownSuga doesn’t play) included 3 introductory sewing projects, lunch, and a gift baking session. The agenda was a tad bit aggressive so 2 of the 3 projects have been tabled until Sewing Party Part II.

The infinity scarves were fairly straight forward and turned out to be a hit with the girls. Their grandmother also included baking as a part of the day’s activities. Everything turned out nicely. I might have to borrow one of these scarves (if they’ll let me).

The afternoon was such a fabulous idea and it hit all of my 3 T’s for alternative gift giving.

  • Time
  • Talent
  • Talk

Time We focus so much on giving stuff. How about giving your time? This is an especially key activities to share with our youngsters. The time you spend with friends and family is what will be remembered long after toys and gadgets are headed to the dumpster.

Talent Pass along a skill. Give some musical lessons. Help someone setup their Facebook fan page. Plan a sewing party of tweens. The possibilities are limitless. Can’t think of anything to share – use the magic of Youtube to learn something new very fast. That’s where BrownSuga found the ideas for infinity scarfs, cross shoulder bags, and pencil skirts.

Talk A good old chat fest won’t cost you anything but time. The holidays are a great time to reconnect with friends and family, but we can also remember those who might not find the season as festive. People grieving a treasured family loss, those away from their larger family, or another dealing with a sickness would appreciate at the very least a phone call if an in-person visit can’t happen.

The afternoon ended with everyone completing their infinity scarves, a pan of cupcakes, and a sheet of Christmas cookies. I would say the day was a raving success! Good job BrownSuga. I’m looking forward to Sewing Party Part II. I did convince one teen to model her project. Very cool!

I told her when people ask where she bought her scarf, tell them, “It’s custom”.


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