10 Thankful Things

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10 Thankful Things
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The SITS blogging group has challenged us to get back into blogging by naming ten things for which we’re thankful. Welcome to those stopping by from the Back to Blogging challenge. Counting your blessings is a great way to express contentment even if circumstances aren’t yet desirable. Dumping debt can be an arduous process. Without an appreciation for the process; you may have trouble maintaining focus. I’ll post my ten. Feel free to add your thankful things in the comments below.


1.       My faith. This may seem cliché. However, I owe my sanity, current passion, and triumph over difficult trials to a belief in and relationship with my Heavenly father. It’s been (and I expect will continue to be) a wild ride!

2.       My family. I don’t sing his praises publicly often, but WonderMan is a wonderfully supportive life partner, husband, provider and daddy (thus the moniker). My children, extended family, and friends really make a girl’s heart sing. I could call them the WonderCrew.

3.       My debt free journey. Without it, there would likely be no Debt Free Divas.

4.       My failures. They keep me grounded and motivated.

5.       My love of travel and books. I’ve been exposed to some of the best experiences because of these two.

6.       My sense of humor. Laughter is the best medicine. I get to laugh on a daily basis and that’s pretty amazing.

7.       My church. The greatest group of imperfect people trying their best to love God and people I know.

8.       My online blogging and debt dumping communities. I appreciate every member of #teamdebtfree. Every  comment, personal story, or update keeps me going a little longer. I’ve met some very wonderful partners in personal finance.

9.       My ultimate triumph over regaining my pre-pregnancy figure. It hasn’t happened yet. Just being proactive!

10.   You! Thanks for stopping by and/or taking in a post or two.

What are your top thankful things? I’d love to know! Leave a comment below.

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